Studi Potensi Pendapatan Asli Daerah (PAD) Kota Palangka Raya

Ferdinand Ferdinand, Meitiana Meitiana


 The research aims are to: (1) invent and identify the potential real income of Local Government (PAD) in Palangkaraya - East Borneo; (2) calculate the capability of local monetary in financing regular budget; (3) identify internal and external factors which are influencing realization of PAD Income; (4) discover what are the potential factors which can be increasing realization of local real income. The implementation of district autonomy is regulated by Undang-undang no. 22/1999 concerning District Government. Regulation (UU) no 25 are concerning with the balancing of financial between the central and district government. Based on the regulation, the district development has to have a plan in managing the development as well as the reality of districts and the aspiration of people and also based on the capability of district in recovering the resource and their own power. The capability of PAD in financing the regular budget was relatively low in 1990/1991 - 20001. It was indicated by the fact that the regular budget was only 20 % of the whole budget. Based on problems and purposes, the scope of research consist of evaluation of procedures and amount of PAD realization on each PAD components that have district regulation; identification of prospective and procedural strategy. Increasing income by escalation and intensification as a basic notion for the local government in increasing the PAD; developing a new economy activities by giving new investors to invest and increasing the new job for the people such as opening the new port in Sebangau coast and other possibilities.