Analisis Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Profitabilitas Perbankan

Wawan Prasetyo


This research result shows that ratio of NPL, BOPO, and NIM influenced the profitability partially. But simultaneously, ratio of CAR, NPL, BOPO, LDR, and NIM influenced to the profitability. Based the research result, it is obtained the conclusion that if NIM in interest income over productive asset has an improvement, then BOPO in the operational cost that spent by related bank will be more efficient. And if LDR in serving and distributing the fund for people can be fulfilled, then NPL in repreship can be controlled and will improve capital adequacy to the CAR, thus it can improve bank profitability. Based on this research, it can be suggested to Bank BUMN Persero that it expected to be able to keep bank stability in order to make bank intermediate function can be running well, thus profitability as orientation of bank established can be fulfilled as expected target.

Keywords: ROA CAR (Capital Adquacy Ratio), NPL (Non Performing Loan), BOPO (Biaya Operasional terhadap Pendapatan Operasional), LDR (Loan Deposito Ratio) and NIM (Net Interest Margin).

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