Peran Karakter Sosial-Ekonomi Sebagai Pendorong Menjadi TKI (Studi Kasus di Kecamatan Selorejo Kabupaten Blitar)

Setyo Wahyu Sulistyono


This study used qualitative methods. Results of the study according to the character of the social and economic character of migrant workers in the District Selorejo, seen from the social character of the findings include: (i) the individual's motivation to migrate become migrant workers because of the network of migrant strong as one form of social networks have an important role for a person is a migrant worker as well as with regard to the network region is the main attraction of migrant workers; (ii) an individual becomes a migrant worker motivation due to the non-physical investments, in this case the education of children; (iii) the existence of the phenomenon of social deviation migrant workers which should have gone into improving the welfare of migrant workers, but it is the case for divorce in the family, it is as a result can not interpret the departure of a migrant worker. Then, the findings with regard to economic character, among others, include: (i) In the middle of difficulty of the opportunity to work in the area of origin prompting one wishes to go abroad unruk employment; (ii) With a relatively small income, making the motivation for someone to leave a migrant worker; (iii) The desire to strengthen the capital side in order for business development;
Keywords: Social Character, Character Economy, Migration

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