Implementasi Pembelajaran Ekonomi dan Akuntasi Menurut Kurikulum 1994 di SMU

H. M. Sriyanto, Nanang Rijono, A. Budiyono S.


The main purpose of this research was to describe the implementation of learning-teaching activities in Economics and Accounting based on The 1994 Curriculum (Kurikulum 1994). The sample consisted of 12 Senior High Schools (SMUs) in East Kalimantan drawn purposively. Data were collected from students and teachers of Economics and Accounting by using a questionnaire, documentary technique and interviews, and analyzed in percentage measures. It was concluded that the implementation of learning-teaching activities based on The 1994 Curriculum was supposed to be difficult and that there weremany problems faced by students and teachers in the implementation


Kurikulum 1994, Ekonomi, Akuntansi, kegiatan belajar-mengajar

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