Transisi Konsep Pendidikan Dasar dan Wajib Belajar: Analisis Terhadap UU Sistem Pendidikan Nasional (1950--2003)

Murni Ramli


The objective of this study is to examine the transition of basic education and compulsory education's concept in Indonesia stipulated in the educational fundamental laws implemented during 1950-2003. Analysis has been developed based on R. Thomas Murray's method focusing on the definition, purpose, and scope of basic education in each law. The study found that the purposes of basic education have shiffed from education based on student's development-orientation to education based on labor work, and in the newest version, the orientation has been defined as the preparation for secondary education. The concept of basic education is not clearly described in the latest legislation. Transition also occurs in the concept of compulsory education, where the concept of universal education has been changed to compulsory education with local government being responsible to create a 12-year compulsory education system.


pendidikan dasar;wajib belajar;sekolah dasar;undang-undang

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