Mardi Wiyono


Professionalism of the Faculty Members against the Quality Assurance Program. This article reports on a research project aimed at describing the faculty members' professionalism at the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, State University of Malang. The study was conducted on the premise that faculty members bear three principal tasks: devising teaching and learning instruc­tions, conducting research, and providing services for the community. A descriptive research project carried out within the specific setting (thus, a case) of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, this study involved 57 faculty members, which means the whole members. Observation checklist and question­naire were used as research instruments. One of the salient findings of the project is that a big number of the faculty members hold Sarjana academic qualification. In terms of research and public service, the faculty members' participation level can be considered low. In addition, ICT has not been used in teach­ing-learning activities. Accordingly, based on these findings, the faculty members' professionalism at the Mechanical Engineering Study Program has not met the stipulated criteria of quality assurance.


profesionalisme dosen;penjaminan mutu

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