C. Rudy Prihantoro, Saida Edib Hanum


Abstract: SAVI Procedure to Improve Speaking Skills. The study is aimed at improving students speaking skills by applying SAVI approach. The subjects were seventh grade students of SMP Negeri 92 Jakarta. The study was based on a classroom action research involving two cycles. The first cycle used CTL approach and the second cycle used SAVI approach. The activities include identifying problems, setting the focus, and description of the data of each cycle. Each cycle includes planning, implementation, obserĀ­vation, and reflection. The study involves three elements, namely researchers, teachers as collaborators, and the class consisting of 37 students. The results show that there is an increase in their speaking skills based on applying SAVI.

Abstrak: Penerapan Prosedur SAVI dalam Pembelajaran Keterampilan Berbicara Praktis. Penelitian tindakan kelas ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan keterampilan berbicara siswa dengan menerapkan pendekatan SAVI. Subjeknya adalah siswa kelas VII SMP Negeri 92 Jakarta. Penelitian ini menerapkan dua siklus, yaitu siklus I menggunakan pendekatan CTL dan siklus II menggunakan pendekatan SAVI. Kegiatan penelitian meliputi identifikasi masalah, menetapkan fokus, deskripsi data siklus. Deskripsi siklus mencakup tahap perencanaan, pelaksanaan, pengamatan, dan refleksi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pendekatan SAVI dapat digunakan untuk meningkatkan keterampilan berbicara praktis.


pendekatan SAVI; keterampilan berbicara

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