A Sexuality and Reproductive Educational Package Development With Gender Perspective and Religious Approach for Youngsters in Pesantren

Siti Malikah Towaf


Pesantren as an indigenous culture and a great tradition for Moslem's has very important role in educating youngsters in Indonesia. It stands as safety network in education for youngsters especially of low income family in rural area. The existing sexuality and reproductive education in pesantren is much more normative from Fiqh, Ibadah, and akhlaq; the content is not sufficient as education for youngsters in more complex social interaction, facing more dangerous sexuality and reproductive problems. A research and development design, mixing a quantitative and qualitative approaches is conducted to create: a package of an alternative material for sexual and reproductive education needed by youngsters in pesantren. The study explores the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal of the package; and identifies the socialization strategy to larger target groups.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17977/jip.v14i3.35

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