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Abstract: VCD Learning-Media in Method of TEFL. This study took four steps:  survey for needs assess­ment, product development, expert validation, and small-scale try-out. The survey, using a questionnaire, engaged 29 students having passed the masterate course on Methods of TEFL. A seasoned faculty member handling the course was also involved as a research subject with whom interviews were conducted.  Based on the information obtained in the survey, video materials were developed following two kinds of activities: the development of learning scenario and script for screenplay, and the visual recording of teaching-learning activities based on the scenario and screenplay. The recordings were limited to 3 teaching-learning models. The subjects participating in the three teaching-learning models of Audio-lingual Method, Think-Pair-Share, and Genre-based Approach include students (and English teachers) of SMP and SMA Labora­torium UM. In short, the VCD product has been developed in view of the needs assessment and theoretically fit. The product has achieved some degree of validity through expert validation and small-scale try-out; revisions based on the experts’ feedback and try-out results have been made.

Abstrak: Media Video Pembelajaran Methods of TEFL. Penelitian ini meliputi 4 (empat) kegiatan: survei analisis kebutuhan, pengembangan produk, validasi ahli, dan uji lapang terbatas. Survei mengguna­kan kuesioner dan melibatkan 29 mahasiswa S2 yang sudah mengambil matakuliah Methods of TEFL. Seorang dosen yang sudah berpengalaman mengampu matakuliah dimaksud juga dilibatkan sebagai subjek wawancara. Berdasarkan hasil survei, produk materi video dikembangkan dengan mengikuti dua langkah: pengembangan skenario pembelajaran dan script untuk screenplay, dan perekaman gambar aktivitas pem­belajaran berdasarkan skenario dan screenplay. Kegiatan perekaman dilaksanakan untuk tiga skenario model pembelajaran. Peserta pada model pembelajaran meliputi guru model dan siswa SMP dan SMA Laboratorium UM. Ketiga model pembelajaran meliputi tiga pendekatan pembelajaran: Audio-lingual Method, Think-Pair-Share, dan Genre-based Approach. Dengan kata lain, produk dikembangkan sesuai dengan hasil survei kebutuhan dan teori yang relevan. Produk telah memiliki derajat validitas yang me­madai akibat adanya validasi: uji ahli dan uji lapang terbatas, yang diikuti dengan kegiatan revisi.



model pembelajaran, Audio-lingual Method, Think-Pair-Share, Genre-based Approach, VCD

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