Perbedaan Kinerja Guru Pendidikan Jasmani di Sekolah Dasarber Dasarkan Latar Belakang Pendidikan dan Masa Kerja

Sri Purnami


This study analyzes the extent to which educational backgrounds and (the length of) teaching experience are attributable to the teaching performance of teachers of physical (sport) education across the sub-districts of Batu, Pujon, Kasembon, Junrejo, Bumiaji, and Ngantang. The results of descriptive analysis and ANOVA show that teaching experience is not significantly influential to the teaching performance of the teachers. The teaching performance is significantly affected by the teachers’ background education or training. Teachers with SPG training are by far different from those trained at SGO/SMOA, PGSD, and CP (Crash Program) in their teaching performance. The latter perform better.


kinerja guru; pendidikan jasmani; latar belakang pendidikan; masa kerja

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