Pengaruh Pendekatan Pengajaran dan Tipe Masalah Terhadap Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah Tipe ILL dan WELL-DEFINED

Demitra Demitra


This study focuses on examining the effects of teaching approaches (problem-based learning v.s. regular) and types of problem (ill defined v.s. well defined) on Matematical problem solving abilities. This quasi-experimental study involved 107 elementary school students, who had been randomly selected from 635 clustered students. MANCOVA analysis of pretest and posttest result indicates that there is an interactional effect of teaching approaches and types of problem on problem solving abilities. PBL and ill defined were found to be effective in developing problem solving abilities.


pendekatan pengajaran; tipe masalah; ill-defined problems; well-defined problems; pembelajaran matematika

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