Berpikir Pseudo Penalaran Kovariasi dalam Mengkonstruksi Grafik Fungsi Kejadian Dinamik: Sebuah Analisis Berdasarkan Kerangka Kerja VL2P dan Implikasinya pada Pembelajaran Matematika

Subanji Subanji


This article discusses the thinking process of pseudo covariational reasoning in constructing graphs of dynamic events. The reasoning is examined using the VL2P framework (Vinner, Lithner, Leron, and Pape). The thinking process of one student taking Calculus II course was analysed, followed with interviews, revealing that at the low level, the pseudo covariational reasoning was close to Vinner’s pseudo analytic; that higher level of reasoning was equal to Lithner’s Establish Experience; that the reasoning was dominantly affected by the first process of Leron’s Dual Process Theory; and that it took place when direct translation was involved consistent with Pape’s Direct Translation Approach. These suggest that process view be emphasized in mathematics teaching and learning.


proses berpikir; pseudo penalaran kovariasi; grafik; kejadian dinamik

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