Persepsi Guru terhadap Implementasi Pendidikan Sistem Ganda di Sekolah Menengah Ekonomi Atas

Suhardjo Dwidjosumarto


This research is aimed at identifying teachers' perception on the implementation of link and match at the state Economics High Schools in Surabaya. The sample were taken by using quota purposive sampling, while the data were collected by questionaires, interviews and documentation. The data were then analyzed by using percentage, mean, and qualitative analysis based on logical thinking. The result of the analysis shows that, in terms of the degree of understanding on the implementation of link and match, the teachers' perception is on the medium level. Such condition can influence the effectiveness of link and match implementation at the Economics High Schools


Persepsi guru, pendidikan sistem ganda, Sekolah Menengah Ekonomi Atas

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