Aplikasi Teori Rasch untuk Penyekalaan Vertikal Tes Catur Wulan

Kumaidi Kumaidi


This article discusses a part of findings of a study performed by Kumaidi and associates. The issue discussed in this article mainly focused on the aplication of Rasch model in analyzing data across classrooms and demonstrated the worth of the analysis. Data used in this article were responses of SMUN students in answering tests of English as an end of first quarter (Cawu I) test. The results of the study sugget that Rasch approach might be implemented to plot items from different classes in one single metric scale. This single metric would be useful to monitor student's progress in learning. It is suggested that the testing procedures be implemented which give rise a multilevel testing for end quarter tests in the future


Teori Rasch, penyekalaan vertikal, tes catur wulan

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17977/jip.v6i2.705

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