Evaluasi dan Pengembangan Proses Belajar-mengajar di Perguruan Tinggi

Iwan Jazadi


This article argues that ensuring university graduates that are qualified and professional is imperative. However, since surface approaches to learning seem to still dominate the teaching and learning process in Indonesian higher education, students degree of qualification and professionalism upon graduation, is likely to be superficial and very limited to familiar areas of aplication, and thus it is hard to be transformed for new challenges. For this reason, future development of the teaching and learning process should foster deep approaches to learning. This can take place if the curriculum is learner-centered and competency-based in its true sense. At the end of the paper, some examples of creative teaching and learning processes that might foster deep learning are presented.


Pendekatan belajar mendalam; pendekatan berpusat pada siswa; keterampilan berpikir; kurikulum berbasis kompetensi

Full Text:


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17977/jip.v12i1.77

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