Penerapan Beberapa Metode Pengajaran Sejarah Ditinjau dari Klasifikasi Bakat Akademik Siswa

Mulyoto Mulyoto


This experimental study was intended to test the influence of two methods applied in teaching History, Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Historiographical Process (HP), and Lecturing Method (LM). The subjects were students of State Senior High Schools (SMUN) in Surakarta Municipality assigned randomly into experimental groups and control groups. At the beginning of the treatment, the subjects were tested on their aptitudes, using two batteries of the Differential Aptitude Test (DAT), to measure Verbal and Abstract Abilities. Their learning outcomes were tested by using an achievement test. The results showed that there was a different influence of the three methods applied in teaching History and that the Creative Problem Solving method was more effective than the others. It was suggested that an aptitude test could be implemented to predict students' learning outcomes


Pemecahan masalah kreatif, proses historiografi, ceramah, bakat akademik, pengajaran sejarah

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