Lina Listiana


Abstract: Kenjeran coastal  area is  the favourite  site visited  in East  Java. It  is dangerous  condition because of the pollutant. The level of pollution is quite severe, such as the damage of mangrove ecosystem, coral reef, and abrasion. The main factor of damage is the local people’s behavior. The behavior of coastal communities is low, such as: (1) habit of throwing garbage by home industry, (2) bowel movement into the sea, (3) throwing of liquid waste into the sea, and (4) the exploitation of marine resources. Factors influencing those behaviors due to the low level of: (1) knowledge, (2) Negative attitude, (3) Awareness and motivation keep the environment.Some efforts need to be done to change those behaviors by informal, non-formal, and formal education. Informal way can be started the family and yourself with give a good example and keep healthy environment

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