Rizki Ananda, Bambang Hariyadi, Muswita


Abstract: Angdisk is an instructional media that is developed based on a learning magic disk. The disk is
used to help students in learning plant taxonomy, especially angiosperms. This study uses a procedural
development model of ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation). Subject of
this research includes 20 undergraduate students of Biology Education Program at the University of
Jambi. Data were obtained through semi-structured and closed questionnaires then analyzed qualitativ ely
and quantitatively. The results of media and plant taxonomy experts assesment was 77.5 and 57.5 respectively; both are categorized as good. Response of students who used the product gives average value of
42.9 which is categorized as excellent.

Angdisk, disk, learning media, plant taxonomy

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