Roundhouse diagrams, Jigsaw, metacognitive awareness, learning outcome

Lya Ratnawati dan Sri Rahayu Lestari


Abstract: The purpose of this study to improve metacognitive awareness and biology learning outcomes using Roundhouse diagrams through Jigsaw cooperative learning. This research is Classroom Action Research three cycle, consist of 4 stages such as planning, implementing, observation, and reflection. The results of this research showed that Roundhouse diagrams through Jigsaw cooperative learning can improve metacognitive awareness and learning outcomes for grade XI IPA1 at SMA Negeri 6 Malang. The classical completeness of metacognitive awareness has increased in each cycle, cycle I 80,77%; cycle II 88,46 %; cycle III 100%. The cognitive learning outcomes were also increased in each cycle. Cycle I 57,69%; cycle II 76,92%; and cycle III 92,31%. The affective learning outcomes were decreased in cycle I 100% and 88,46% in cycle II and increased in cycle III which were 91,67%.

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