Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran dalam Program Pendidikan Taruna Mandiri

M. Ishaq


The development of Independent Cadet educational program model (a study focussed on street children life in Bandung) was encouraged by the presence of the increasing number of Indonesian children that were abused and many of them were stranded to streets. The objectives of the study is to develop an Independent Cadet educational program model i.e a set of educational program dealing with the efforts for community empowerment conscientizacao’s principles, each participant is required to do some reflective thinking activities, citizen/national discipline and entrepreneurship spirit cultivation. Using in each stage during the Independent Cadet educational program. This is in line with the principles of quantum model that are used to turn energy into light, which in this study’s perpective means actualizing children potentials through stopover house in and teaching-learning means process, creativity equivalence, training, guidance, and community-based education (CBE).