Penggunaan Asesmen Autentik Pada Pembelajaran Biologi SLTP Dengan Strategi Kontekstual Di Enam Provinsi Indonesia Bagian Timur

Herawati Susilo


The study thies to describe the tiers of Authentic Assessment teacher have used in calss, how they use it in determining students' success in learning, and problem they want to discus in the training. The subjects were the Junior High School Biology Techers who participated in Training for Trainers based on Competance. The study showed that most of the teachers have used Athentic Assesment through observation and questions, presentation and discussion, self-evaluation, and home-work. The combined the result of the Athentic Assessment with the scorer for traditional test. Problem they face are the size of the class, the teacher work load, the lack and facilities and fund from their achool, and the traditional teaching orientation toward national evaluation system.