Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Sebagai Muatan Lokal Di Sekolah Dasar

Kasihani K.E. Suyanto


This study attempts to find accurate information on the teaching and learning of English at the elementary schools, especially in Malang area. This survey is a part of a developmental research using R & D design. The subjects of this survey are English textbooks, 56 elementary schools, 56 headmasters, 56 teachers of English and elementary school students. The instruments used to collect the data are questionnaires, interview guides and observation forms. Data analysis was descriptively and qualitatively done. Some quantitative analysis was also done using percentages. The findings show that there are 37 English books published by 29 publishers in East Java. Almost all elementary schools include English lesson as local content subject. In this case most students state they like learning English. Most teachers teaching English in the elementary schools are holding S-1 certificate and most of them are part-time teachers.