Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Nilai dan Karakter untuk Sekolah Dasar Berbasis Model Pendidikan Nilai dan Karakter Pesantren Daarut-Tauhied Bandung

Sa’dun Akbar


Abstract: This objective of this developmental research in the first year was to describe vision, practice, value internalization, and student’s character. The research also described problems of practices of value learning and character in the elementary schools. The subjects were Daarut-tauhied Bandung education and Malang. The results found that (1) vision of Daarut-tauhied Bandung was closeness to God; (2) educational practices balanced between thinking and  affective through contrustivistik learning method; (3) there were some positive value and  characters internalized in Daarut-tauhied Bandung students, such as pro-social behaviour and positive thinking; (4) value and character learning in the elementaru education tended in the low management. Elementary education can adopt some of value and character learning principles of Daarut-tauhied Bandung education based on the contextual condition.


value and character learning, elementary school, Daarut-tauhied Bandung

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