Analisis Pemahaman Mahasiswa Terhadap Konsep Dualisme Gelombang-Partikel

Abdul Halim, T. Subahan, Lilia Halim


Abstract: This research aims to investigate the level of students’ understanding of the concept of particle-wave dualism, and the relationship between concept understanding of classical physics and particle-wave dualism. 31 students of Physics Department of FMIPA Unsyiah who attended Quantum Physics were selected as the sample of the study. The data were collected through 20 items of diag-nostic UDFK multiple choice test. Each item contains 5 options, consisting of 1 correct answer, 1 misconception, and 3 distracters. The students were also given classical physics test using FCI test. The results of analysis using CRI showed that 13.8% students did not understand, 21.5% students less understand, 28.8% students understand, and 35.8% students misunderstand the concept of particle-wave dualism. Data analysis using correlation showed that the students’ understanding of particle-wave dualism was influenced by their understanding of classical physics (r = .17)


Konsep dualisme gelombang-partikel, fisika klasik, fisika kuantum, ujian Diagnostik UDFK, tes FCI, metode CRI.