Penerapan Prinsip Problem Based Learning dan Competency Based Assessment untuk Meningkatkan Pemahaman Mahasiswa pada Mata Kuliah Pengantar Teknologi Kelautan

Adi Wirawan Husodo


This research is aimed to improve the students’ understanding of Introduction to Marine Technology Subject. The concepts developed and implemented in this research are encouraging and developing the objectives of the subject, syllabi, teaching and learning method, standard of competency, and assessment criteria. The chosen teaching and assessment method is Problem-Based Learning and Competency-Based Assessment. There were two main activities which should be taken by the students, namely, individual and group activities. After one semester’s implementation, it was found positive and significant outcomes resulted from this research. The students’ motivation and understanding increased significantly. 84.38% of students passed with good scores. 99.63% of students attended the class with high motivation, as seen from the average number of students’ attendance in class.


problem based learning, standar kompetensi, uji kompetensi