Penerapan Virtual library dan E-learning dalam Pelaksanaan Bahtsul Masail Di Pondok Pesantren: Suatu Upaya Penguatan Lembaga Keagamaan yang Kreatif dan Inovatif

Syafaat , Ahmad Munjin Nasih


Bahtsul masail is a special scientific institute belonging to pesantren. This institute has been able to present dynamic Islamic thought based on its context and era, but it is not much touched by modern technology and management. This institute needs to be developed. Bahtsul masail can be collaborated with information technology. Virtual library and e-learning, which are parts of information technology, seem to be appropriate to be developed in bahtsul masail. The virtual library functions to provide books and quicken the search process; while e-learning functions to socialize the results and form global class through internet (global network).


virtual library, e-learning, bahtsul masail