Aplikasi Media Berbasis Komputer: Visio Technical pada Pembelajaran Proses Industri Kimia I

Iryanti F Nata, Chairul Irawan, Isna Syauqiah


This research aims to apply scheme design (flowsheet process of chemical industry) supporting in chemical process industry I course, student claimed by a theory application given in make flowsheet base on computer by visio technical. The out put are 1) Instructional Analysis 2) Basic course outlines 3) Lesson plan 4) Contract and Lecturing 5) Course Material. Course material form is electronic book/e-book (macromedia flash and PDF). It’s containing the application of visio technical to describe the flow diagram process. Base on final assessment, outcome expected can be fullfiled (100%), method applied enough succeed with the application of visio technical in describing of flow of diagram process and visualizing the macromedia flash in forwarding as support facility in study. Implementation of this activity by software and visualizing base on the multimedia has positive effect in teaching learning process; making study process more variatif and assist the student to develop their soft skill.


pembelajaran, visio technical, flow diagram proses