Peningkatan Keterampilan Belajar Biologi Melalui Model Kooperatif Tipe Pair Checks Siswa Kelas II SMPN 2 Gorontalo

Elya Nusantari, Ravika Dukalang, Listian Lamuhu


Problem of this classroom action research (CAR) was how to increas biology learning skill at SMPN 2 Gorontalo through cooperative model in pair check type. This CAR consist of two cycles procedure which applied and there were four phases. The CAR data involved (a) observation of learning proces, (b) assessment of learning process, (c) outcomes of learning student, (d) feedback information, (e) researcher journal.of CAR conduction that earn the following description. In cycle I students’ skill to arrange question was 37,5% and cycle II 17,5%, student skill to answers was 40% and cycle II 132,5%. Students’ skill even response development from 0% to 22,5%. In cycle I the ability to hold an oral presentation development from 67,5 % to 89,3 %. From result of CAR conduxtion can be concluded that applying of cooperative model in pair check type generally can improve biology learning skill  which was finally can improve students’ learning outcomes.


kooperatif, kemampuan belajar biologi, aktivitas, hasil belajar