The Influence of Classical Mechanic Concepts on The Students’ Understanding of Quantum Mechanics; Atomic Models

Abdul Halim, T.Subahan Mohd. Meerah, Lilia Halim


 In this study, a diagnostics test instrument was developed that called by the Quantum Mechanics Diagnostics Test (QMDT) and also a diagnostics test instrument was adopted from Arizona state university, which is the Force Concept Inventory (FCI). The aim of this research to diagnose the students’ understanding of atomic model and the influence of classical mechanic concepts understanding on the students’ learning of atomic model. This research conduct to 48 students of physics department at Syiah Kuala University, was learned 75% of all quantum mechanics materials in this semester. Data of this study was analyzed by using of descriptive statistics, correlation methods, and analysis of misconceptions with CRI method. Based on this analysis was founded that about 81% students was choice the model of hydrogen atom as same as the planets model or simple orbital model. The correlation coefficient was founded about 0.56, this meaning that the students’ learning of atomic model influenced by the students’ understanding of classical mechanics concepts. Based on the analysis of misconception identified that 64.3% students have misconception in the force concepts and 83.7% students have misconception in the atomic model.       


atomic model, classical mechanics concepts, physics misconceptions, diagnostics test, FCI.