Meningkatkan Motivasi dan Prestasi Belajar Mahasiswa pada Mata Kuliah Business English dengan Penerapan E-mail dan Pendekatan Masyarakat Belajar

Putu Suarcaya


The study was aimed at finding out solution on problems faced by students in Business Correspondence class. The problems dealt with the boring and uninteresting as well as less challenging activities. To overcome the problems, a breakthrough was proposed by using e-mail and implementing learning community approach in the class to increase the students learning motivation and achievement. The study was conducted on the basis of classroom action-based research. Fifteen students of English department, Undiksha enrolling in Business Correspondence class were used as subjects of the study.  Findings show that the use of e-mail combined with learning community approach has increased the subjects learning motivation and indirectly improved their learning achievement. Eighty percent of the subjects could score 70 and above. Besides, the use of e-mail also provided the subjects with flexibility in terms of time, place and method of handing in their tasks.


masyarakat belajar, fleksibilitas belajar, motivasi belajar, prestasi belajar