Asesmen Kebutuhan Pengembangan Kurikulum Program Studi Pendidikan Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial Fakultas Tarbiyah Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Malang

Wahid murni


This research is aimed at describing: (1) the content of curriculum 2006/KTSP on the subject of economics and social science; (2) the response of the alumni toward the content of the program curriculum; and (3) the outline of the curriculum development of social science program which is relevant with the need. The research design employed is non-hypothetic comparison by comparing between the content of competence standard on economics as well as social science subjects and the curriculum of social science program. The data are gained not only by using documentation but also questionnaire and interview with the alumni of the program. The findings show that: (1) the content of the curriculum on economics is not significantly changed compared to the previous one, while the content of the curriculum on social science is presented as integrated subject which is different from the previous one, (2) the alumni give positive response toward the program, and (3) the curriculum of the program has been relevant to prepare the teachers of economics and social science, whereas to train the teachers of integrated social science needs further adjustment and development.


asesmen, pengembangan, kurikulum, IPS