Membangun Pengetahuan Melalui Kerjasama Antar Anggota Kelompok Dalam Kelas Dengan Pendekatan Pembelajaran Kolaboratif

Amat Nyoto


For centuries in campus, learners have worked together to conduct experiment and make scientific discoveries. But since science broken into smaller science disciplines to fill special work duties, it brings impact to tendency in approaching on studying. They tend to learn in more competitive environment. Until this moment, learner still exposed to a concept that success refer more to competition than collaboration. Success was seen more as a result of independence than interdependence. However, in the management and modern life paradigm, interdependence is required the most, while the other working along. This article will explain about collaborative learning approach. It will start from the meaning of collaborative learning approach, comparing of it with competitive learning approach. Benefit usage of collaborative learning approach also will be explained, to be continued by decomposing possibility of challenge and resistance which can happen during execution of collaborative learning approach in class.


pembelajaran kolaboratif, kompetitif, manfaat, hambatan, dan tantangan