Perumusan Visi, Misi, dan Tujuan dalam Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan SD dan SMP

Susanto Susanto


This study aimed to review the formulation of the vision, mission, and goals that are in the documents KTSP SDN 14 Pondok Bambu, Jakarta SDLB and SMPLB Cempaka Putih Central Jakarta, Jakarta and SMPN 238. The documents were chosen because the preparation used as an example KTSP by other schools. Questions concerning the response searched step formulation of the vision, mission, and objectives and the formulation of - its formulating. The results show the steps formulating the vision, mission, goals, and schools were not described in the document and all of the three elements to this also does not appear. Knot that can be drawn from these findings is that the preparation KTSP at the school level are still not adequate and, for the enlightenment of the necessary theoretical framework that can be used as a reference and guide the preparation KTSP truly operational.


kurikulum, KTSP, rencana strategis, visi, misi, tujuan