Kebutuhan Kompetensi Tenaga Kerja Teknologi Informasi dan Implikasinya terhadap Kurikulum

Yenni M. Djajalaksana, Tiur Gantini


This research has been conducted to identify and analyze the competencies required for the position/position of labor in the field of information technology, to gather information about the competency at this time can not be fulfilled by the graduates already be by industry, and evaluate the implications of the results of the research program of education technology curriculum information. Data collection methods with purposively sampling of respondents who have the human resources office manager, IT manager, or leader company in Bandung, Jakarta, and surrounding areas. Results of research presented in the summary of competencies for nine groups of positions in information technology, namely (1) administrative database, (2) the administration of the network, (3) consultant, (4) graphic design, (5) IT Manager, (6) software engineers, (7) analyst system, (8) technical support, and (9) web developer. For each category position, have been identified as hard skills, soft skills, and attitudes, personality, and behavior is required. Finally, evaluate the results obtained are developed on the basis of competency-based curriculum.


teknologi informasi, kompetensi, kurikulum berbasis kompetensi

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