Kebutuhan Belajar Penelitian Bermuatan Sosial-Budaya untuk Peningkatan Kompetensi Dosen

Andi Mappiare-AT


Learn about research, to do it, and published its’ result, are professional task of Guidance and Counseling lecturers as effort for enhanced his/her competence. There are two scientific approaches in any research, quantitative and qualitative. Both of these approaches have a socio-cultural content that need to be understood. Based on these conceptual notions, a descriptive study has been done and the main result is that so many Guidance and Counseling teachers that needed studying qualitative research than quantitative research. Some suggestions were proposed based on this result.           
Kata kunci: belajar riset, sosial-budaya, kompetensi dosen.


belajar riset, sosial-budaya, kompetensi dosen.

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