Pengembangan Metode Pembelajaran Visual Interaktif untuk Mata Kuliah Teori Teknologi Mekanik

Pranowo Sidi, Subagio So’im


Learning and teaching Process of Mechanical Technology Theory (Teori Teknologi Mekanik) is usually done in class by using textbooks and transparencies. It some times done by drawing machine such as boring machine, shaping machine etc. or production machine explained by the lecturer. Students must be able to imagine how it works and how to use it although some of them have never seen or use it. There for accidents is giving the theory of this subject. The writer tries to make a Module about Mechanical Technology Theory in the Compact Disk (CD), so the student can increase their understanding about this subject. By having this effective and the efficient learning system, a lot of animations and videos, describing the physical condition of the topic, it is hoped that it will be easier for them to learn and understand it. The result of the questionnaire, given to the students shows that their main problem is they really eager to know about machines, how they work and how to use them. So by having CD containing theory, animations and videos it used easier for them to understand it.
Kata kunci: interaktif, belajar, dosen, kecelakaan, animasi, teori teknologi mekanik


interaktif, belajar, dosen, kecelakaan, animasi, teori teknologi mekanik

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