Penggunaan Koper Matik untuk Mengimplementasikan dan Mengembangkan Pembelajaran (PAKEM)

Sri Subarinah, Sudi Prayitno


This study is based on the general problem of learning mathematics in primary school, the learning activities most of the questions do boring exercises. To overcome the problem developed Koper Matik (an abbreviation (in Indonesia language) of Mathematics Realistik Game Box), that is a set of the mathematics physic appliance equiped by worsheet realictic mathematics and its use designed in form a game. The aim of this research is create PAKEM learning through implementation of Koper Matik. Population of this research is student of SDN 44 Ampenan, with sampel is student of class IV, V and VI of year of teaching 2009/2010 selected with technique of sampling purposive. Setting the classroom using cooperative model, four students in a groups learning as play props and fill out worksheets that contain planting concepts and challenges realistic mathematical problems. The result of research indicated that PAKEM learning can created through Koper Matik. Student attitude to Koper Matik learning is very support, that are 95,7% of students enjoy learning with props, 92,1% enjoy learning in groups and use worksheet, and 79,7% of students who believe themselves to presentation in front of the class. Efectivity of Koper Matik learning pertained high, that are the results of learning mathematics part of understanding of concept reach score 80,7 while achieving a realistic problem solving reach score 74,6. These results indicate that the implementation of Koper Matik at SDN 44 Ampenan can create students become more active, creative, efective and joyful (PAKEM) learning in mathematics.


Koper Matik, understanding of concept, realistic problem, joyfull learning

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