Perilaku Aktivasi Coordination Class oleh Subyek Lintas Level Akademik dalam Dekonstruksi Physics Jeopardy Problem

Jusman Mansyur, Agus Setiawan, . Liliasari, Paulus C Tjiang


Phenomenographic analysis has been done on activation behavior of coordination class, especially causal net by cross-section ability subjects in deconstruction of information through a Jeopardy Problem. Data were obtained from problem solving activities in individual thinking-aloud format. In the deconstruction of graph to physical situation, respondents used the cognitive element as tool in analyzing or reasoning. Activation behavior of the causal net influenced by their prior experience related to the interpretation of graph function y(x) or vector in the x-y plane. The research results support the coordination class theory and emphasize the prior research findings of mental model and cognitive elements as aspects or features of the mental model.


causal net, category of descriptions, coordination class, physics jeopardy problem, resource

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