Manifestasi Tindak Tutur Pembelajaran Among dalam Wacana Kelas

Heri Suwignyo


This study aims to describe and explain the learning speech acts among manifestation the classroom discource. Among the speech act of learning is a natural phenomenon of language use in socio-cultural context. To explain it used a naturalistic qualitative research using ethnography of communication and pragmatic design. Base on data analysys found three groups of research findings, namely the manifestation of the learning substance of the speech act, speech act among cipta ( the creating), among rasa (the sensing), among karsa (the initiating); manifestation of leadership learning speech acts speech acts depan (initial), tengah (medial), belakang (final); and the educative function for pembiasaan (customization) among learning, pelibatan (involvement) among learning, and pemandirian (liberation) of students in classroom discourse.


tindak tutur substansi, tindak tutur kepemimpinan, fungsi edukatif, pembelajaran among

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