Pengaruh Deferensiasi Motivasi Sosial terhadap Perilaku Profesional Guru

M. Subandowo


Research on professional behavior (professional competence, personal, social, and pedagogic) related to social motivation as factors are very important, considering the teacher’s role is key in improving the quality of learning. Therefore this study aims to determine the influence of differentiation of social motivation (achievement, affiliation and power) to the professional competence of teachers and also to assess how the level of social motivation relationship motivation (achievement, affiliation and power) with the professional competence of teachers. Study found that the differentiation of social motivation, especially motivation achievement distinguishes professional behavior of teachers.’s social motivation but  the power and affiliation can not distinguish the professional behavior of teachers (sig t test: 5%). Meanwhile, in a study of the relationship between social motivation for the behavior of teachers found that professional social motivation to contribute very significantly to teachers’ professional behavior, and to have the largest contribution to the achievement motivation (regression 5%).


motivasi sosial, motivasi prestasi, perilaku profesional guru, kompetensi profesional

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