Model Belajar Learning Community untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Menulis Ilmiah Mahasiswa

. Supriyadi


The objectives of the current Classroom Action Research are (1) to improve the quality of students’ academic writing and (2) to improve the students’ achievement in advanced academic writing class. The results of the two-cycled Classroom Action Research were as follows: in the first cycle, (a) students’ writing ability started to mount (b) students started to think and have natural existence, (c) student’s participation in the teaching learning process was relatively low, and (d) students’ achievement was relatively low, or below the passing grade. The results of cycle II showed that (a) the students’ writing ability had been improved as expected, (b) the students’ natural existence had reached the expected level (c) students were actively involved in the teaching and learning process, (d) students had completed their learning with scores that met the criteria of success. The results of the CAR showed that Learning Community teaching method was helpful in improving students’ academic writing performance and therefore their writing scores.


mengajar, model pembelajaran masyarakat, kemampuan, menulis, siswa, prestasi

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