Kesan Moderating Jenis Pembelajaran dengan Proses Pembelajaran Kewirausahaan terhadap Persepsi Kesuksesan Usahawan Kecil Surakarta

H. Rohmat


The purpose of the study examines the relationship aspect of the learning process with the perception of successful entrepreneurial small businesses, the material and not material and the impression of “moderating” learning type of relationship. Research problem, What aspects of entrepreneurial learning processes associated with perception of success, and the type of learning memorable “moderating” with aspects of the learning process of the perception of the success of small businesses? Conducted survey research. Location and population of small peniaga; cities, suburbs, and outside of Surakarta. The sample of 486 selected peniaga “stratified random sampling.”
Instruments “questionare” with “reliability” 0.9. Multiple regression analysis using SPSS (version 11.5). Results: The aspects of entrepreneurial learning processes associated with perception; success, but not with material success, but relates to perceptions of success is not material. However, the strongest relationship is with the perception of success is not material. In addition, the type of meaningful study “moderating” the entrepreneurial learning process of perception, success, material success, and success is not material. Among the three types of learning, the meaning of “moderating” the strongest relationship is the perception of the learning process towards material success of small business travelers.


moderating, proses pembelajaran kewirausahaan, kesuksesan

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