Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Masalah dengan Pola Belajar Kolaborasi (Model PBMPK)

. Mustaji


The development of problem based learning model with the collaboration learning (Model PBMPK) in social problems subjec. Development PBMPK model based on 3 things, that is (1)
conceptual base covers instructional technology theory and theory constructive learning, (2) model base development instructional, is model R2D2 (Reflective, Recursive, Design, and Development), and (3) procedure base instructional, is problem problem based learning procedure and collaborative learning. Based on the test results on the PBMPK tools and models to the experts of learning, experts of study subject, student and teachers shows appropriate results. This mater can be understand from the completion averages of 75% from usage fairness indicators of PBMPK tools and models. Try out result in the reality about PBMPK tools and model shows positive result. It can seen from subjective test include good category reach 82.3%, from result include in good category reach 82.3%, achievement result include in very good category reach 57.65%, portfolio result include in good category reach 95.29%, project result include good category reach 58.82%, attitude result from instrument include in positive category reach 77.65% and collaboration achievement result include in good category reach 84.71%. Meanwhile, learning result with enough category, less enough, very positive, hesitating, negative, and very negative maximal reach only 22.65%. This numbers shows that PBMPK tools and model are developed is competent used. Try out results on on the PBMPK tools and model to instructional process reach 21.18% stats that instructional situation by using PBMPK model very optimal and 65.88% they stats that optimal. Teacher role as facilitator, motivator, consultant, teacher patner and etc very good category reach 14.14% and states good reach 74.17%. While students role in chose study purpose, constructing knowledge, seriousness in study collaboration study and ets about 5.88% very good and good reach 43.54%. Its mean can be seen from instructional process, PBMPK Tools and Model is develop competent used.


model, pembelajaran berbasis masalah, pembelajaran kolaborasi

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