Model Kontrak Belajar Bermuatan Nilai Sosial-Budaya dalam Bimbingan Akademik Mahasiswa

Andi Mappiare AT


This research was based on the empirical phenomenon concerning the ineffectiveness of implicit contract in academic guidance related, in particular, to students’ study programming. In this research, students’ understanding and expectations on contract model for the effectiveness of guidance were identified and abstracted. A contract model, in which each participant specifies who is to do what, under which circumstances, times, and places, was negotiated. Taking into account socio-cultural values, the contract model was constructed and applied in natural manner. The effectiveness of the model was seen from the students’ point of view. The study employed the
approaches of ‘basic or generic qualitative study’ and ‘action research’.


model kontrak, bimbingan akademik, nilai sosial-budaya

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