Model Pendidikan Kesalehan Transformatif Pengembangan Epistimologi dalam Pendidikan Islam

Adang Hambali


Transformative piety is the core of Islamic view that emphasizes the importance of transformative belief in piety activity. Piety means the ability to do good deeds for oneself and others. This research formulated transformative piety education through the formulation of theology, educational philosophy, and educational epistemology. The research found that, first, transformative piety is theologically related with the concept of caliph. Theologically, caliph relates to the concepts of tawhid, taskhiri, and taslim. These concepts make up the bases of Islamic educational paradigm, that is, an educational concept that focuses on the whole concepts (teacher, student, teaching and
learning process, goal and method) on the view of tawhid, taskhir, and taslim. Second, the model of transformative piety education therefore contains a number of concepts concerning what, why and how with regard to the implementation of education that brings the students and teachers to focus
on transforming science gained in the existence of enhancement of the view of tawhid and activity of taskhir, and the achievement of taslim’s consciousness. The method of transformative piety
education focuses on consciousness of discrepancy that implicates on the appreciation of process and student context.


pendidikan, kesalehan transformatif, epistimologi

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