Pembelajaran Berbasis Kontekstual Sebagai Upaya Peningkatan Minat Mahasiswa pada Taksonomi Tumbuhan di Perguruan Tinggi

Murni Saptasari


Indonesia have plenitude biological diversity. In order to avoid the stealing of biological resources that gonna be used by foreigner, the taxonomy experts are indispensable. But then there just a little college student that interested in taxonomy-literate since they consider that taxonomy is
the boring and useless material. In order to gain the college student’s interest, then taxonomy learning that based on the contextual content with structural assignment need to be attempted. Despitefully, it is need to develop the literate content and technolgy for college student that help them developing theirselves to live at the society. Therefore, college students need to learn molecular sistematic and
also need to compiled handout with the examples of natural plant as the learning sources on the contextual learning activity so that learning activity have means.


contextual learning, motivation, plant taxonomy

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