Menerapkan Paradigma Konstruktivisme melalui Strategi Belajar Kooperatif dalam Pembelajaran Bahasa

A. Syukur Ghazali


Constructivist learning environment is a place where learners may work together and support each other as they use a variety of tools and information resources in completing their academic tasks, in pursuing of their learning goals, and solving problems. Cooperative Learning (CL) is an instructional method in which small groups of students work together and help each other in completing their academic tasks. Student-student interactions in CL can present students with a range of opportunities for acquiring better language performance because it may provide opportunities to learn new vocabularies and use them when they participate in their small group conversation they can understand. In CL they have many chances to hear language that is modified to meet their needs and to produce language understandable to others. The CL may be good for second language learners as to Indonesian language students.