Pengembangan Rancangan Gambar Ilustrasi untuk Buku Teks Sekolah Dasar yang Berwawasan Kemitrasejajaran

Iriaji Iriaji, Ida Siti Herawati


The aim of this development research is to produce a prototype guide for illustration picture design in the form of conceptual and visual description to show partnership meaning. This research uses a conceptual development model with the following procedure: constructing categories, making guide draft, analyzing guide draft, analysis using focus group discussion, data analysis and revision to produce a prototype of guide. The data analysis shows that the draft for illustration picture guide has contained partnership meaning. However, for the conceptual description the contents need to be elaborated into: (1) rational, (2) significance, (3) technical instruction, and (4) glossary. For the visual description, it needs revision in cover picture, picture arrangement, and coloring.