Pengaruh Pemberian Tes Awal dan Tugas Membuat Diagram Alir terhadap Kemampuan Kognitif dan Psikomotorik dalam Praktikum Kimia Dasar I

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This research aims to know the effect of giving a pre-test and a task of making flow-chart on the cognitive and psychomotoric abilities of the students taking Basic Chemistry Practicum I. The subjects of the research are two classes containing 26 and 29 students. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The minimum level of mastery is 75% for the contents and 65% of the number of the students. The findings show that the students achieve cognitive mastery in the principles of distillation, filtration, extraction, and sublimation; however, they have not mastered the process of separating a mixture using the principles. For the psychomotoric aspect, the students gain the skills of decantation and filtration, but not the extraction and sublimation. For the thermochemistry experiment with a task to make a flow-chart, the students master the cognitive aspect, namely they can make graphs and calculate the colorimeter; however, the cannot describe its characteristics. For the psychomotoric aspect, the students gain the skill of using calorimeter.