Peningkatan Hasil Belajar dan Kualitas Pembelajaran Konsep Gas melalui Penerapan Strategi Konflik Kognitif dalam Perkuliahan Fisik

Darsono Sigit, Fauziatul Fajaroh, Herunata Herunata


One of some interesting phenomena in lecturing of Physical Chemistry I at Chemistry Department at State University of Malang is almost all of lecturing matters (chemistry concepts) are abstract, numeric, and microscopic. But unfortunately, That matters must be studied in relatively short time. It can make the lectur be a boring and frightening one for some students that is indicated by lower achievement and intrinsic motivation. To improve teaching and learning quality, inovation of teaching and learning strategy must be looked for and applied. One of it is cognitive conflict strategy. The aims of this classroom action research is to improve teaching and learning quality and students‘ achievement. Subject of this research is students of chemistry department from 2002 class. This action research is designed in 3 cycles, each of this contains of 4 steps namely : to plan, to apply, to observe, and to reflect. The planning of the action with research instrument (teaching-learning scenario, sheets of classroom observation, and achievement test) are prepared by this reasearch team before applying. The actioners in classroom are lecturers as member of the team. In action, the team are divided as lecturer and observer. Results of the action as students activity and achievement are evaluated as input in planning the next action. The gas concepts are decided to be the object. The strategy applyied is cognitive conflict strategy that is one of some constructivistically teaching and learning model contained some steps: students misconceptions identification, applying conflict condition in students mind by presenting contradiction examples, experimental facts, and anomaly, helping student to reach equilibrium, and reconstruction of students' undertanding until they are really understand. From this research can be showed: cognitive conflict strategy improve students‘ activity and achievement. It make the lecturing of physical chemistry I be an interesting one and the student understand the matters easily.


student achievement; physical chemistry; cognitive conflict strategy